For the glorification of SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI

Who Discovered the Universal Way for the Last Step of Evolution for All Humanity as promised by Jesus Christ

 Musical Salutation for all singers (click to start or stop):


From SHRI MATAJI:ENGLISH Introduction    RUSSIAN Introduction

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0. Vocal exercises with mantras and commentary: 00.C-ENGLISH    00.C-RUSSIAN

01. Our Father and Our Mother /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   01.G.   01.Ab.   01.A.   01.Bb.   01.C.   01.Db.   01.D.   01.Eb.     01.A.-VideoAudio:


2. Lotus Eyed Mother Universe /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/ 2.Eb    2.E    2.F        2.F-Voice        2.F-VideoAudio:


3. Ave Maria Mahalakshmi /SANSKRIT/  3.Em    3.Fm   3.F#m    3.Gm    3.Gm-Voice    3.Fm-VideoAudio:


4. Ave Maria New Advent/ENGLISH-SANSKRIT-RUSSIAN/ 4.Ab      4.Bb        4.Ab-Voice          4.Ab-VideoAudio:


5. Salutation for You Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   5.C)    5.Db)    5.E)       5.C)-Voice          5.C-VideoAudio:


6. How You Transformed Us Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN-ITALIAN/    6.E.    6.F.    6.G.    6.E-VideoAudio:


7. Nirmala Mamma /ITALIAN-RUSSIAN-ENGLISH/   7.E     7.F     7.G            7.F-Voice           7.F-VideoAudio:


8. Only for You Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   (EDITING)   8.Gm-VideoAudio:


9. You Satchitananda /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   9.C#m     9.Dm     9.Em        9.Em-VideoAudio:


10.a. Ocean Love Every Day /RUSSIAN/    10.a.G)   10.a.Ab)   10.a.A)   10.a.Bb)   10.a.C)    10.a.Db)     10.a.A-VideoAudio:


10.b. Ocean Love Every Day /ENGLISH/   10.b.G)    10.b.Ab)   10.b.A)   10.b.Bb)   10.b.C)   10.b.Db)      10.b.G-VideoAudio:


11. Maha Devi /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN-SANSKRIT/   11.D       11.F       11.F-Voice       11.F-VideoAudio:


12. Oh My Beloved Goddess /ENGLISH/   12.E    12.G    12.Ab       12.Ab-Voice      12.G-VideoAudio:


13. Extraordinary Way /ENGLISH/ 13.Fm)   13.F#m)   13.Gm)    13.Abm)    13.Am)    13.Fm-Ab)  13.Fm-Ab)-VideoAudio:


14. Nirmala Ma /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   14.Bb    14.C    14.Db    14.D    14.E     14.C-Voice     14.C-VideoAudio:


15. Oh Sole Mio Nirmala Surya /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   15.D    15.Eb    15.E   15.F    15.G       15.F-Voice       15.Eb-VideoAudio:


 16. Love Divine is not a dream /ENGLISH/     16Bb     16C     16Db     16D     16C-VideoAudio:


 17.1. Fountain of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     17.1.C    17.1.Db    17.1.Eb    17.1.Db-VideoAudio:


17.2. Fountain of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    17.2.C    17.2.Db    17.2.Eb    17.2.C-VideoAudio:


18. Because Queen Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   18.A   18.Bb   18.C   18.Db   18.Eb     18.C-Voice    18.A-VideoAudio:


19. Nirmal Ananda Purna /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    19.Em.   19.Fm.   19.F#m.   19.Gm.   19.Abm.   19.Am.   19.Bbm.    19.Gm.-VideoAudio:


20.a. Happy Marriage /ENGLISH/   20.a.Am     20.a.Cm     20.a.Am-Voice     20.a.Am-VideoAudio:


20.b. Happy Marriage /RUSSIAN/   20.b.Am     20.b.Cm       20.b.Am-Voice    20.b.Cm-VideoAudio:


21. Chandrama Serenade /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   21.D   21.Eb   21.E    21.F     21.F-Voice    21.D-VideoAudio:


22.1. Music Forbidden in the Church /ENGLISH/   22.1.E   22.1F   2.1.Gb   22.1.G   22.1.A    22.1.G-VideoAudio:


22.2. Music Forbidden in the Church /ENGLISH/     22.2.G   22.2.G-Voice with Chords    22.2.G-VideoAudio:


23. Gauri /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   23.A   23.Bb   23.C   23.Db   23.D   23.Eb     23.C-Voice    23.C-VideoAudio:


24. Cool Breeze Brahmachaitanya /ENGLISH/    24.Dm)   24.Em)   24.Fm)   24.Gm)   24.Fm)-Voice       24.Fm-VideoAudio:


 25. Prayer to the Almighty /ENGLISH/  25.Bbm)   25.Bm)   25.Cm)   25.C#m)   25.Dm)   25.Cm)-Voice    25.Cm-VideoAudio:


26.a. Shri Nirmala Advent /ITALIAN-ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    26.a.C      26.a.Db     26.a.Eb     26.a.E     26.a.C-Voice    26.a.C-VideoAudio:


26.b. Music of this song transformed to another rhythm 26.b.C     26.b.Db     26.b.Eb     26.b.E     26.b.C-Voice     26.b.C-VideoAudio:


27. Shri Nirmala Lalita /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    27.G)    27.A)    27.Bb)    27.C)    27.A-VideoAudio:


28.The Mother Sees The Eternal Play/ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    28.F     28.G      28.G-Voice     28.G-VideoAudio:


29. We Soldiers of Love /ENGLISH/    29.C       29.C-Voice      29.C-VideoAudio:


30. None Only The Seeking Heart /ENGLISH/    30.Bbm    30.Cm    30.Ebm     30.Cm-Voice      30.Cm-VideoAudio:


31. Goddess Eyes /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    31.Gm       31.Am       31.Gm-Voice       31.Am-VideoAudio:


 32.a. On Shri Nirmala’s Advent Day /RUSSIAN/    32.a.Dm     32.a.Em     32.a.Fm     32.a.Dm-VideoAudio: 


32.b. On Shri Nirmala’s Advent Day /ENGLISH/     32.b.Dm     32.b.Em     32.b.Fm     32.b.Dm-VideoAudio: 


33. Serenade to the Goddess /ENGLISH/   33.Fm     33.Gm     33.Am     33.Fm-Voice      33.Fm-VideoAudio:


34. Memory of meeting with Shri Mataji /ENGLISH/    34.Em     34.Fm     34.Gm     34.Em-Voice          34.Em-VideoAudio:


35. Adi Shakti Divine Mother /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     35.Gm     35.Am     35.Bm     35.Am-Voice          35.Bm-VideoAudio:


36. You are the Love /ENGLISH/    36.Bb     36.C     36.Db     36.D     36.Eb     36.C-Voice       36.C-VideoAudio:


37. Marvelous Eyes of  Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/ 37.Cm)    37.Dm)    37.Em)    37.Cm-VideoAudio:


38. My Beautiful Dream /ENGLISH/   38.Ab    38.Bb    38.C    38.C-Voice     38.C-VideoAudio:


39.a.You are my Blessing from Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH/   39.a.Cm     39.a.Dm     39.a.Em     39.a.Cm-Voice     39.a.Cm-VideoAudio:


39.b.You are my Blessing from Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/

       No39. English and Russian lyrics

40. You are my Destiny from God Almighty /ENGLISH-Italian/   40.A    40.Bb    40.C    40.D    40.Eb      40.C-Voice      40.C-VideoAudio:


41.r. Maha Maya /RUSSIAN/    41r.Cm     41r.C#m      41.r.C#m-VideoAudio:


41.e. Maha Maya /ENGLISH/    41e.Cm     41e.C#m    41.e.C#m-VideoAudio:


42.r. Introspection /RUSSIAN/    42.r.D     42.r.E     42.r.F    42.r.D-VideoAudio:


42.e. Introspection /ENGLISH/    42.e.D     42.e.E     42.e.F     42.e.D-VideoAudio:


43. I walk with God and with the Goddess /ENGLISH/    43C    43D    43E    43F    43G    43Ab    43F-VideoAudio:


44. Divine Love /ENGLISH/    44.A     44.Bb     44.C     44.C-Voice      44.C-VideoAudio:


45. In Oneness with God Almighty /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    45.Fm     45.Gm     45.Am     45.Fm-Voice     45.Fm-VideoAudio:


46. The Love you keep /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    46.F     46.Ab     46.Ab-Voice     46.F-VideoAudio:


47. Immensity of God Almighty /ENGLISH/   47.Cm)   47.C#m)   47.Dm)   47.Em)   47.C#m-VideoAudio:


48. And sadness slips away /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   48.Em     48.Fm     48.Gm     48.Fm-Voice    48.Fm-VideoAudio:


49. God’s Love in your heart /ENGLISH/   49.Cm    49.Dm    49.Em    49.Dm-VideoAudio:


50. When your Attention is in Oneness with God /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     (editing)     50.Dm-VideoAudio:


51.a. Song of forgiveness /ENGLISH/    51.a.Cm     51.a.Cm-Voice    No51.a.(English lyrics)    51.a.Cm-VideoAudio:


51.b. Song of forgiveness /RUSSIAN/    51.b.Cm    51.b.Cm-Voice     No51.b.(Russian lyrics)     51.b.Cm-VideoAudio:


52. Our Saintly Holy Mother /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    52Cm     52Dm     52Dm-VideoAudio:


53. Vishwa Vandita /HINDI-ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     53.Am    53.Am-Voice-English    53.Am-Piano-Russian      No53.(English+Hindi)     No53.(Russian+Hindi)     53.Am-VideoAudio:


54. Shri Ma You are Divine Light /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   54.Dm    54.Fm    54.Dm-V-Eng.    54.Dm-P-Rus..      No54.(English lyrics)     No54.(Russian lyrics)     54.Dm-VideoAudio:


55. Powers of Shri Ganesha /ENGLISH/    55Dm    55Em       55.Dm-VideoAudio:


56.Eternal Moment between Past and the Future/RUSSIAN-ENGLISH/ (песня редактируется/song editing)            


57. Nirmala Devi forgive me please forgive /ENGLISH/   57.Em    57.Fm    57.Gm    57.Fm-Voice     57.Fm-VideoAudio:


58. Mother only You in the Universe One /ENGLISH/   58.Cm    58.Dm    58.Cm-Voice    58.Dm-VideoAudio:


59. In the music time /ENGLISH/    59.Fm    59.Gm    59.Gm-Voice     59.Gm-VideoAudio:


60.a. Second Birth /ENGLISH/    60aG     60aA     60aC      60aG-VideoAudio:


60.b. Second Birth /RUSSIAN/    60.b)G    60.b)A    60.b)C      60.b)G-VideoAudio:


61.a. It’s such a beautiful old music /ENGLISH/   61.a.Em     61.a.Fm     61.a.Gm     61.a.Em-Voice     61.a.Em-VideoAudio:


61.b. It’s such a beautiful old music /RUSSIAN/   61.b.Em     61.b.Fm     61.b.Gm     61.b.Gm-Voice     61.b.Gm-VideoAudio:


62. Autumn of life /ENGLISH/    62.Am     62.Cm     62.Am-Voice      62.Am-VideoAudio:


63. Joyfully beats our happy hearts /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    63.Em     63.Fm     63.Gm     63.Fm-Voice     63.Fm-VideoAudio:


64. Sing with me about Love Divine /ENGLISH/    64Am     64Bbm     64Bm     64Cm     64Dm     64Cm-VideoAudio:


65. Life is the Academy of God Almighty /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   65.Cm     65.Dm     65.Em     65.Fm     65.Dm-Voice     65.Dm-VideoAudio:


66.a. When You Become One With The Spirit /RUSSIAN-SANSKRIT/    66.a.Bm    66.a.Cm    66.a.Dm    66.a.Dm-VideoAudio:


66.b. When You Become One With The Spirit /ENGLISH-SANSKRIT/   66.b.Bm    66.b.Cm    66.b.Dm    66.b.Bm-VideoAudio:


67. Shri Nirmala my Deity /ENGLISH/    67.Am    67.Bbm  67.Bm  67.Cm    67.Dm    67.Ebm    67.Cm-VideoAudio:


68.1. We surrender to Oneness with God /ENGLISH/    68.1.Gb    68.1.G    68.1.A    68.1.Gb-VideoAudio:


68.2. We surrender to Oneness with God /ENGLISH/    68.2.Gb    68.2.G    68.2.A    68.2.Gb-VideoAudio:


69. A serenade to God /ENGLISH/   69.A.    69.Bb.   69.C.   69.D.   69.E.   69.C- VideoAudio:


70.1. More Vechnoi Lubvi Muslimu Magomaevu /RUSSIAN/    70.1.Em    70.1.Fm    70.1.F#m    70.1.Fm-VideoAudio:


70.2. Ocean of Eternal Love /ENGLISH/   70.2.Em    70.2.Fm    70.2.F#m    70.2.Fm-VideoAudio:


71. Love of VISHWA NIRMALA DHARMA /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN-SANSKRIT/    71.AD    71.BbEb    71.CF    71.DG    71.EbAb    71.EA     71.CF-VideoAudio:


72. My Deity in my heart /ENGLISH/    72.GmCm     72.AmDm     72.BmEm     72.CmFm     72.AmDm-VideoAudio:


73. New Step Evolution from God /ENGLISH/    73.A    73.Bb    73.C    73.Db    73.D    73.Eb     73.C-VideoAudio:


74. Songs of Our Grateful Hearts /ENGLISH/    74.Dm    74.Em    74.Fm    74.Gm     74.Em-VideoAudio:


75. The Beauty of Your Smile /ENGLISH/    75.Dm    75.Em    75.Fm    75.Gm     75.Fm-VideoAudio:


76. Thank You Nirmala Devi /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    76.Dm    76.Em    76.Fm    76.Gm     76.Em-VideoAudio:



78. May God Grant You Divine Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/

79. Love of God Breeze Vibrations /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    79.Am    79.Bm    79.Cm    79.Dm    79.Cm-VideoAudio: 79.Cm-Video


80.a. The Holy Truth of Love of Goddess Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    80.a.F    80.a.Gb    80.a.G    80.a.Ab    80.a.A    80.a.Bb    80.a.C    80.a.Bb-Gb-G-Bb    80.a.C-Ab-A-C      


80.b. The Holy Truth of Love of Goddess Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    80.b.Bb-horus     80.b.C-horus         


81. Your Love Shri Devi Eternally /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/

82. IN MEDITATION /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    82.Em    82.Fm    82.Gm    82.Am


83. Surrender to God by Nirmala Name of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    83.Cm     83.Dm     


84. Shri Nirmala Divine Breeze of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    84.Gm    84.Am    84.Bm     


85. How Can We Know You God /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    85.F#m    85.Gm    85.Am    


86. FROM GOD THE KEY /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   86.Am    86.Bm    86.Cm    86.Dm




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