For the glorification of SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI

Who Discovered the Universal Way for the Last Step of Evolution for All Humanity as promised by Jesus Christ

From SHRI MATAJI:ENGLISH Introduction    RUSSIAN Introduction

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00. Vocal exercises with mantras and commentary: 00.C-ENGLISH    00.C-RUSSIAN

01. Our Father and Our Mother /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   01,G.        01,Ab.        01,A.        01,Bb.        01,C.        01,Db.        01,Ab.-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

02. Lotus Eyed Mother Universe /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/ 2.Eb       2.E       2.F        2.F-Voice        2.F-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

03. Ave Maria Mahalakshmi /SANSKRIT-ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    3.Em.    3.Fm.      3.Gm.      3.Fm.-Video     

04. Ave Maria New Advent /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   4.F      4.Ab      4.Bb          4.F-Video             

05. Salutation for You Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    05.B        05.C        05.Db          05.C-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

06. How You Transformed Us Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN-ITALIAN/    6.E.       6.F.       6.G.           6.E-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

07. Nirmala Mamma /ITALIAN-RUSSIAN-ENGLISH/     07.Eb        07.E        07.F        07.G        07. E-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

08. When in our hearts Devi Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/      8.Em      8.Fm      8.Gm        8.Em-Video       

09. NIRMAL ANANDA /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    09.Bm       09.Cm       09.C#m       09.Dm       09.Em         09.Dm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)           

10. When your Attention with Shri Adi Shakti is united /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    10.G      10.A      10.C        10.A-Video

11. Maha Devi /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN-SANSKRIT/     11.D.     11.F.         11.D.-Video

12. Oh My Beloved Goddess /ENGLISH/   12.E    12.G    12.Ab       12.Ab-Voice          12.G-VideoAudio

13. Extraordinary Way /ENGLISH/ 13.Fm)   13.F#m)   13.Gm)    13.Abm)    13.Am)    13.Fm-Ab)         13.Fm-Abm)-VideoAudio

14. Nirmala Ma /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   14.Bb    14.C    14.Db    14.D    14.E     14.C-Voice          14.C-VideoAudio

15. Oh Sole Mio Nirmala Surya /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   15.D    15.Eb    15.E   15.F    15.G       15.F-Voice         15.Eb-VideoAudio

16. Love of God Cool Breeze of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    (renovation)       

17.1. Fountain of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     17.1.C    17.1.Db    17.1.Eb           17.1.Db-VideoAudio

17.2. Fountain of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    17.2.C    17.2.Db    17.2.Eb            17.2.C-VideoAudio

18. Because Queen Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   18.A   18.Bb   18.C   18.Db   18.Eb     18.C-Voice         18.A-VideoAudio

19. Nirmal Ananda Purna /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    19.Em.   19.Fm.   19.F#m.   19.Gm.   19.Abm.   19.Am.   19.Bbm.          19.Gm.-VideoAudio

20.a. Happy Marriage /ENGLISH/   20.a.Am     20.a.Cm     20.a.Am-Voice           20.a.Am-VideoAudio

20.b. Счастливый мэридж /RUSSIAN/   20.b.Am     20.b.Cm       20.b.Am-Voice           20.b.Cm-VideoAudio

21. Chandrama Serenade /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   21.D   21.Eb   21.E    21.F     21.F-Voice          21.D-VideoAudio

22.1. Music Forbidden in the Church /ENGLISH/   22.1.E   22.1F   2.1.Gb   22.1.G   22.1.A            22.1.G-VideoAudio

22.2. Music Forbidden in the Church /ENGLISH/     22.2.G   22.2.G-Voice with Chords           22.2.G-VideoAudio

23. Gauri /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   23.A   23.Bb   23.C   23.Db   23.D   23.Eb     23.C-Voice            23.C-VideoAudio

24. Cool Breeze Brahmachaitanya /ENGLISH/    24.Dm)   24.Em)   24.Fm)   24.Gm)   24.Fm)-Voice             24.Fm)-VideoAudio

25. Prayer to the Almighty /ENGLISH/  25.Bbm)   25.Bm)   25.Cm)   25.C#m)   25.Dm)   25.Cm)-Voice             25.Cm-VideoAudio

26.a. Shri Nirmala Advent /ITALIAN-ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    26.a.C      26.a.Db     26.a.Eb     26.a.E     26.a.C-Voice             26.a.C-VideoAudio

26.b. Music of this song transformed to another rhythm 26.b.C     26.b.Db     26.b.Eb     26.b.E     26.b.C-Voice             26.b.C-VideoAudio

27. Shri Nirmala Lalita /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    27.G)    27.A)    27.Bb)    27.C)               27.A-VideoAudio

28.The Mother Sees The Eternal Play/ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    28.F     28.G      28.G-Voice              28.G-VideoAudio

29. We Soldiers of Love /ENGLISH/    29.C       29.C-Voice               29.C-VideoAudio

30. None Only The Seeking Heart /ENGLISH/    30.Bbm    30.Cm    30.Ebm     30.Cm-Voice               30.Cm-VideoAudio

31. Goddess Eyes /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    31.Gm       31.Am       31.Gm-Voice                31.Am-VideoAudio

32.ru. День Пришествия Нирмала День /RUSSIAN/    32.ru.Dm     32.ru.Em     32.ru.Fm     32.ru.Em-Video  

32.en. On Shri Nirmala’s Advent Day /ENGLISH/   32.en.Dm     32.en.Em     32.en.Fm   32.en.Dm-Video

33. Serenade to the Goddess /ENGLISH/   33.Fm     33.Gm     33.Am     33.Fm-Voice               33.Fm-VideoAudio

34. Memory of meeting with Shri Mataji /ENGLISH/    34.Em     34.Fm     34.Gm     34.Em-Voice             34.Em-VideoAudio

35. Adi Shakti Divine Mother /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     35.Gm     35.Am     35.Bm     35.Am-Voice              35.Bm-VideoAudio

36. You are the Love /ENGLISH/    36.Bb     36.C     36.Db     36.D     36.Eb     36.C-Voice               36.C-VideoAudio

37. Marvelous Eyes of  Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/ 37.Cm)    37.Dm)    37.Em)               37.Cm-VideoAudio

38. My Beautiful Dream /ENGLISH/   38.Ab    38.Bb    38.C    38.C-Voice               38.C-VideoAudio

39.a.You are my Blessing from Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH/   39.a.Cm     39.a.Dm     39.a.Em     39.a.Cm-Voice               39.a.Cm-VideoAudio

39.b.You are my Blessing from Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/       No39. English and Russian lyrics

40. You are my Destiny from God Almighty /ENGLISH-Italian/   40.A    40.Bb    40.C    40.D    40.Eb      40.C-Voice             40.C-VideoAudio

41.r. Maha Maya /RUSSIAN/    41r.Cm     41r.C#m               41r.C#m-Video

41.e. Maha Maya /ENGLISH/    41e.Cm     41e.C#m               41e.C#m-Video

42.r. Introspection /RUSSIAN/    42.r.D     42.r.E     42.r.F               42.r.D-Video

42.e. Introspection /ENGLISH/    42.e.D     42.e.E     42.e.F             42.e.D-Video

43. I walk with God and with the Goddess /ENGLISH/    43C    43D    43E    43F    43G    43Ab              43F-VideoAudio

44. Divine Love /ENGLISH/    44.A     44.Bb     44.C     44.C-Voice              44.C-VideoAudio

45. In Oneness with God Almighty /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    45.Fm     45.Gm     45.Am     45.Fm-Voice             45.Fm-VideoAudio

46. The Love you keep /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    46.F     46.Ab     46.Ab-Voice              46.F-VideoAudio

47. Immensity of God Almighty /ENGLISH/   47.Cm)   47.C#m)   47.Dm)   47.Em)             47.C#m-VideoAudio

48. And sadness slips away /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   48.Em     48.Fm     48.Gm     48.Fm-Voice            48.Fm-VideoAudio

49. God’s Love in your heart /ENGLISH/   49.Cm    49.Dm    49.Em               49.Dm-VideoAudio

50. When your Attention is in Oneness with Spirit /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     50.Dm.    50.Em.    50.Fm.            50.Dm.-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)   

51.a. Song of forgiveness /ENGLISH/    51.a.Cm     51.a.Cm-Voice    No51.a.(English lyrics)            51.a.Cm-VideoAudio

51.b. Песня всепрощения /RUSSIAN/    51.b.Cm    51.b.Cm-Voice     No51.b.(Russian lyrics)             51.b.Cm-VideoAudio

52. Our Saintly Holy Mother /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    52Cm     52Dm              52Dm-VideoAudio

53. Vishwa Vandita /HINDI-ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     53.Am    53.Am-Voice-English    53.Am-Piano-Russian      No53.(English+Hindi)     No53.(Russian+Hindi)         53.Am-VideoAudio

54. Shri Ma You are Divine Light /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   54.Dm    54.Fm    54.Dm-V-Eng.    54.Dm-P-Rus..      No54.(English lyrics)     No54.(Russian lyrics)         54.Dm-VideoAudio

55.a.   Шри Ганеша Нирмалайт /RUSSIAN/    55.a.Dm     55.a.Em             55.a.Dm-VideoAudio 

55.b.   Shri Ganesha Nirmalite /ENGLISH/     55.b.Dm     55.b.Em               55.b.Dm-VideoAudio    

56.Eternal Moment between Past and the Future/RUSSIAN-ENGLISH/    56.Dm.     56.Ebm.    56.Em.    56.Fm.    56.Gm.    56.Fm.-Voice            56.Fm.-VideoAudio           

57. Nirmala Devi forgive me please forgive /ENGLISH/   57.Em    57.Fm    57.Gm    57.Fm-Voice             57.Fm-VideoAudio

58. Mother only You in the Universe One /ENGLISH/   58.Cm    58.Dm    58.Cm-Voice              58.Dm-VideoAudio

59. In the music time /ENGLISH/    59.Fm.     59.Gm.           59.Gm.-Video        

60.a. Second Birth /ENGLISH/    60aG     60aA     60aC              60aG-VideoAudio

60.b. Второе Рождение /RUSSIAN/    60.b)G    60.b)A    60.b)C             60.b)G-VideoAudio

61.a. It’s such a beautiful old music /ENGLISH/   61.a.Em     61.a.Fm     61.a.Gm     61.a.Em-Voice             61.a.Em-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute) 

61.b. It’s such a beautiful old music /RUSSIAN/   61.b.Em     61.b.Fm     61.b.Gm     61.b.Gm-Voice              61.b.Gm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)   

62. Autumn of life /ENGLISH/    62.Am     62.Cm     62.Am-Voice               62.Am-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

63. Joyfully beats our happy hearts /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    63.Em     63.Fm     63.Gm     63.Fm-Voice              63.Fm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

64. Sing with me about Love Divine /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    64.Am.     64.Bbm.     64.Bm.     64.Cm.            64.Cm.-Video         

65. Life is the Academy of God Almighty /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   65.Cm     65.Dm     65.Em     65.Fm     65.Dm-Voice             65.Dm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)     

66.1. КОГДА ТЫ СТАНЕШЬ ЕДИНЫМ ДУХОМ /RUSSIAN-SANSKRIT/    66.1.Bm     66.1.Cm     66.1.Dm             66.1.Cm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

66.2. When You Become One With The Spirit /ENGLISH-SANSKRIT/    66.2.Bm     66.2.Cm     66.2.Dm              66.2.Cm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

67. Devi Nirmala You Are My Redeemer /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/ (renovation now)

68. Where is  Truth Absolutely about God Almighty /ENGLISH/    68.Em     68.Fm     68.Gm     68.Am            68.Em-Video

69. A serenade to God /ENGLISH/   69.A     69.C             69.C-VideoAudio   

70.(a) OCEAN OF ETERNAL LOVE /ENGLISH/    70.(a,b,c)Em        70.(a,b,c)Em-Video            

70.(b) МОРЕ ВЕЧНОЙ ЛЮБВИ /RUSSIAN/        70.(a,b,c)Fm        

70.(c) МОРЕ ВЕЧНОЙ ЛЮБВИ Муслиму Магомаеву /RUSSIAN/      70.(a,b,c)F#m

71. Love of VISHWA NIRMALA DHARMA /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN-SANSKRIT/    71.AD    71.BbEb    71.CF    71.DG    71.EbAb    71.EA             71.CF-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

72. My Deity Shri Nirmala Devi /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/ (renovation now)

73. New Step Evolution from God /ENGLISH/    73.A    73.Bb    73.C    73.Db    73.D    73.Eb             73.C-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

74. Songs of Our Grateful Hearts /ENGLISH/    74.Dm    74.Em    74.Fm    74.Gm              74.Em-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

75. The Beauty of Your Smile /ENGLISH/    75.Dm    75.Em    75.Fm    75.Gm              75.Fm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)     

76. Thank You Nirmala Devi /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    76.Dm    76.Em    76.Fm    76.Gm               76.Em-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)


78. From God Nirmala Breeze of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    78.Bbm      78.Cm      78.Dm        78.Cm-Video                    

79. Love of God Breeze Vibrations /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    79.Am    79.Bm    79.Cm    79.Dm               79.Cm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

80.1. The Holy Truth of Love of Devi Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/  (for 1 soloist)    80.1.F    80.1.G    80.1.A    80.1.Bb    80.1.C            80.1.F-Video  

80.2. The Holy Truth of Love of Devi Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/  (for 2-4 soloists)    80.2.Bb-Gb-G-Bb     80.2.C-Ab-A-C             80.2.C-Ab-A-C-Video

80.3. The Holy Truth of Love of Devi Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/  (for chorus)    80.3.Bb-chorus     80.3.C-chorus              80.3.Bb-chorus-Video

81. Your Love Shri Devi Eternally /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    81.Dm    81.Em    81.Fm    81.Gm            81.Dm-Video (click to start and wait a minute)

82. IN MEDITATION /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    82.Em    82.Fm    82.Gm    82.Am            82.Gm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

83. Surrender to God by Nirmala Name of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    83.Cm     83.Dm              83.Cm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

84. Shri Nirmala Divine Breeze of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    84.Gm    84.Am    84.Bm             84.Gm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)  

85. How Can We Know You God /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    85.F#m    85.Gm    85.Am            85.F#m-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute) 

86. FROM GOD THE KEY /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    86.Cm.     86.Dm.             86.Cm.-Video

87. ADAGIO FOR DEVI NIRMALA /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     87.Am.     87.C#m.           87.Am.-Video      

88. Thank You  to Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH/     (renovation)     

89. O Holy Time of Shri Nirmala Advent /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/      89 C         89 C-Video

90. Absolute Cool Breeze of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/      90 Dm            90.Dm-Video

91. Salute Nirmala Devi /ENGLISH/    91.Am.        91.Am.-Video

92. Shri Nirmala is Password to Divine Internet /ENGLISH-SANSKRIT/    92.Bm      92. Cm      92. Dm      92. Dm-Video                

93. Story Divine Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    93.Em    93.Fm    93.Gm        93.Fm-Video             

94. Nirmala Devi You Opened the Way to God /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/      94.Am      94.Cm        94.Am-Video         

95. Shri Nirmala Real Union with God gave Us /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/      95.Am         95.Cm        95.Am-Video

96. We have found the Way to God /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    96.Dm      96.Dm-Video

97. LOVE AND HATE  /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/             97.Cm          97.Cm-Video        

98. Freedom from our Ego Superego /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN-SANSKRIT/      98.Am      98.Cm        98.Am-Video        

99. Divine Love Nirmal Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     99.Gm      99.Gm-Video

100. ONENESS WITH GOD /ENGLISH/    100.F      100.F-Video

101. Sahaja Yoga – Union with God’s Way /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     101.C        101.C-Video   

102. VISHWA NIRMALA DHARMA /ENGLISH/      102.Em      102.Em-Video


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