For the glorification of SHRI MATAJI NIRMALA DEVI

Who Discovered the Universal Way for the Last Step of Evolution for All Humanity as promised by Jesus Christ 

Songs of Spiritual Evolution

The result of the practice of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Developing Unity with the All-Pervading Power of God

This is the Scientific Discovery of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

God became Reality given in sensations like Matter

From SHRI MATAJI:ENGLISH Introduction    RUSSIAN Introduction

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00. Vocal exercises with mantras and commentary: 00.C-ENGLISH    00.C-RUSSIAN

01. Our Father and Our Mother /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   01,G.        01,Ab.        01,A.        01,Bb.        01,C.        01,Db.        01,Ab.-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

02. Lotus Eyed Mother Universe /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    02.D    02.E    02.F      02.D-Video     

03. Ave Maria Mahalakshmi /SANSKRIT-ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    3.Em.    3.Fm.      3.Gm.      3.Fm.-Video     

04. Ave Maria New Advent /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   4.F      4.Ab      4.Bb          4.F-Video             

05. Salutation for You Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    05.B        05.C        05.Db          05.C-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

06. How You Transformed Us Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN-ITALIAN/    6.E.       6.F.       6.G.           6.E-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

07. Nirmala Mamma /ITALIAN-RUSSIAN-ENGLISH/     07.Eb        07.E        07.F        07.G        07. E-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

08. When in our hearts Devi Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/      8.Em      8.Fm      8.Gm        8.Em-Video       

09. NIRMAL ANANDA /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    09.Bm       09.Cm       09.C#m       09.Dm       09.Em         09.Dm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)           

10. When your Attention with Shri Adi Shakti is united /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    10.G      10.A      10.C        10.A-Video

11. Maha Devi /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN-SANSKRIT/     11.D.     11.F.         11.D.-Video

12. Oh My Beloved Goddess /ENGLISH/   12.E    12.G    12.Ab       12.Ab-Voice          12.G-VideoAudio

13. Nirmal Extraordinary Way to God /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    13.Em-Fm-F#m-Gm       13.Fm-F#m-Gm-Abm       13.Em-Fm-F#m-Gm-Voice        13.Em-Fm-F#m-Gm-Video

14. Nirmala Ma /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   14.Bb    14.C    14.Db    14.D    14.E     14.C-Voice          14.C-VideoAudio

15. Oh Devi Nirmala Surya /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    15.D    15.F    15.G      15.D-Video      

16. Love of God Cool Breeze of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    16.Bb    16.C    16.Db      16.Bb-Video            

17.1. Fountain of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     17.1.C    17.1.Db    17.1.Eb           17.1.Db-VideoAudio

17.2. Fountain of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    17.2.C    17.2.Db    17.2.Eb            17.2.C-VideoAudio

18. Because Queen Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   18.A   18.Bb   18.C   18.Db   18.Eb     18.C-Voice         18.A-VideoAudio

19. Nirmal Ananda Purna /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    19.Em.   19.Fm.   19.F#m.   19.Gm.   19.Abm.   19.Am.   19.Bbm.          19.Gm.-VideoAudio

20.a. Happy Marriage /ENGLISH/   20.a.Am     20.a.Cm     20.a.Am-Voice           20.a.Am-VideoAudio

20.b. Счастливый мэридж /RUSSIAN/   20.b.Am     20.b.Cm       20.b.Am-Voice           20.b.Cm-VideoAudio

21. Chandrama Serenade /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   21.D   21.Eb   21.E    21.F     21.F-Voice          21.D-VideoAudio

22.a. Song Forbidden in the Churches /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    22.a.A      22.a.A-Video      

22.b. Song Forbidden in the Churches /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    22.b.E     22.b.F     22.b.G      22.b.E-Video             

23. Gauri /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   23.A   23.Bb   23.C   23.Db   23.D   23.Eb     23.C-Voice            23.C-VideoAudio

24. Cool Breeze Brahmachaitanya /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    24.Dm     24.Fm     24.Gm      24.Dm-Video       

25. Prayer to the Almighty /ENGLISH/  25.Bbm)   25.Bm)   25.Cm)   25.C#m)   25.Dm)   25.Cm)-Voice             25.Cm-VideoAudio

26.a. Shri Nirmala Advent /ITALIAN-ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    26.a.C      26.a.Db     26.a.Eb     26.a.E     26.a.C-Voice             26.a.C-VideoAudio

26.b. Music of this song transformed to another rhythm 26.b.C     26.b.Db     26.b.Eb     26.b.E     26.b.C-Voice             26.b.C-VideoAudio

27. Shri Nirmala Lalita /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    27.G)    27.A)    27.Bb)    27.C)               27.A-VideoAudio

28.The Mother Sees The Eternal Play/ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    28.F     28.G      28.G-Voice              28.G-VideoAudio

29. We Soldiers of Love /ENGLISH/    29.C       29.C-Voice               29.C-VideoAudio

30. None Only The Seeking Heart /ENGLISH/    30.Bbm    30.Cm    30.Ebm     30.Cm-Voice               30.Cm-VideoAudio

31. Goddess Eyes /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    31.Gm       31.Am       31.Gm-Voice                31.Am-VideoAudio

32.ru. День Пришествия Нирмала День /RUSSIAN/    32.ru.Dm     32.ru.Em     32.ru.Fm     32.ru.Em-Video  

32.en. On Shri Nirmala’s Advent Day /ENGLISH/   32.en.Dm     32.en.Em     32.en.Fm   32.en.Dm-Video

33. Serenade to the Goddess /ENGLISH/   33.Fm     33.Gm     33.Am     33.Fm-Voice               33.Fm-VideoAudio

34. Memory of meeting with Shri Mataji /ENGLISH/    34.Em     34.Fm     34.Gm     34.Em-Voice             34.Em-VideoAudio

35. Adi Shakti Divine Mother /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     35.Gm    35.Am    35.Gm-Voice      35.Gm-Video     

36. You are the Love /ENGLISH/    36.Bb     36.C     36.Db     36.D     36.Eb     36.C-Voice               36.C-VideoAudio

37. Marvelous Eyes of  Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/ 37.Cm)    37.Dm)    37.Em)               37.Cm-VideoAudio

38. My Beautiful Dream /ENGLISH/   38.Ab    38.Bb    38.C    38.C-Voice               38.C-VideoAudio

39.a.You are my Blessing from Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH/   39.a.Cm     39.a.Dm     39.a.Em     39.a.Cm-Voice               39.a.Cm-VideoAudio

39.b.You are my Blessing from Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/       No39. English and Russian lyrics

40. You are my Destiny from God Almighty /ENGLISH-Italian/   40.A    40.Bb    40.C    40.D    40.Eb      40.C-Voice             40.C-VideoAudio

41.r. Maha Maya /RUSSIAN/    41r.Cm     41r.C#m               41r.C#m-Video

41.e. Maha Maya /ENGLISH/    41e.Cm     41e.C#m               41e.C#m-Video

42.ru Интроспекция /RUSSIAN/    42ru D      42ru E      42ru D-Video       

42.e. Introspection /ENGLISH/    42.e.D     42.e.E     42.e.F             42.e.D-Video

43. I walk with God and with the Goddess /ENGLISH/    43C    43D    43E    43F    43G    43Ab              43F-VideoAudio

44. Divine Love /ENGLISH/    44.A     44.Bb     44.C     44.C-Voice              44.C-VideoAudio

45. In Oneness with God Almighty /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    45.Fm     45.Gm     45.Am     45.Fm-Voice             45.Fm-VideoAudio

46. The Love you keep /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    46.F     46.Ab     46.Ab-Voice              46.F-VideoAudio

47. Immensity of God Almighty /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    47.C#m    47.Dm        47. C#m-Video      

48. And sadness slips away /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   48.Em     48.Fm     48.Gm     48.Fm-Voice            48.Fm-VideoAudio

49. God’s Love in your heart /ENGLISH/   49.Cm    49.Dm    49.Em               49.Dm-VideoAudio

50. When your Attention is in Oneness with Spirit /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     50.Dm.    50.Em.    50.Fm.            50.Dm.-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)   

51.a. Song of forgiveness /ENGLISH/    51.a.Cm     51.a.Cm-Voice    No51.a.(English lyrics)            51.a.Cm-VideoAudio

51.b. Песня всепрощения /RUSSIAN/    51.b.Cm    51.b.Cm-Voice     No51.b.(Russian lyrics)             51.b.Cm-VideoAudio

52. Our Saintly Holy Mother /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    52Cm     52Dm              52Dm-VideoAudio

53. Vishwa Vandita /HINDI-ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     53.Am    53.Am-Voice-English    53.Am-Piano-Russian      No53.(English+Hindi)     No53.(Russian+Hindi)         53.Am-VideoAudio

54. Shri Ma You are Divine Light /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   54.Dm    54.Fm    54.Dm-V-Eng.    54.Dm-P-Rus..      No54.(English lyrics)     No54.(Russian lyrics)         54.Dm-VideoAudio

55.a.   Шри Ганеша Нирмалайт /RUSSIAN/    55.a.Dm     55.a.Em             55.a.Dm-VideoAudio 

55.b.   Shri Ganesha Nirmalite /ENGLISH/     55.b.Dm     55.b.Em               55.b.Dm-VideoAudio    

56.Eternal Moment between Past and the Future/RUSSIAN-ENGLISH/    56.Dm.     56.Ebm.    56.Em.    56.Fm.    56.Gm.    56.Fm.-Voice            56.Fm.-VideoAudio           

57. Nirmala Devi forgive me please forgive /ENGLISH/   57.Em    57.Fm    57.Gm    57.Fm-Voice             57.Fm-VideoAudio

58. Mother only You in the Universe One /ENGLISH/   58.Cm    58.Dm    58.Cm-Voice              58.Dm-VideoAudio

59. In the music time /ENGLISH/    59.Fm.     59.Gm.           59.Gm.-Video        

60.a. Second Birth /ENGLISH/    60aG     60aA     60aC              60aG-VideoAudio

60.b. Второе Рождение /RUSSIAN/    60.b)G    60.b)A    60.b)C             60.b)G-VideoAudio

61.a. It’s such a beautiful old music /ENGLISH/   61.a.Em     61.a.Fm     61.a.Gm     61.a.Em-Voice             61.a.Em-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute) 

61.b. It’s such a beautiful old music /RUSSIAN/   61.b.Em     61.b.Fm     61.b.Gm     61.b.Gm-Voice              61.b.Gm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)   

62. Autumn of life /ENGLISH/    62.Am     62.Cm     62.Am-Voice               62.Am-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

63. Joyfully beats our happy hearts /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    63.Em     63.Fm     63.Gm     63.Fm-Voice              63.Fm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

64. Sing with me about Love Divine /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    64.Am.     64.Bbm.     64.Bm.     64.Cm.            64.Cm.-Video         

65. Life is the Academy of God Almighty /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/   65.Cm     65.Dm     65.Em     65.Fm     65.Dm-Voice             65.Dm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)     

66.1. КОГДА ТЫ СТАНЕШЬ ЕДИНЫМ ДУХОМ /RUSSIAN-SANSKRIT/    66.1.Bm     66.1.Cm     66.1.Dm             66.1.Cm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

66.2. When You Become One With The Spirit /ENGLISH-SANSKRIT/    66.2.Bm     66.2.Cm     66.2.Dm              66.2.Cm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

67. Devi Nirmala You Are My Redeemer /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    67.Am    67.Bbm    67.Cm    67.Dm      67.Am-Video

68. Where is  Truth Absolutely about God Almighty /ENGLISH/    68.Em     68.Fm     68.Gm     68.Am            68.Em-Video

69. A serenade to God /ENGLISH/   69.A     69.C             69.C-VideoAudio   

70.(a) OCEAN OF ETERNAL LOVE /ENGLISH/    70.(a,b,c)Em        70.(a,b,c)Em-Video            

70.(b) МОРЕ ВЕЧНОЙ ЛЮБВИ /RUSSIAN/        70.(a,b,c)Fm        

70.(c) МОРЕ ВЕЧНОЙ ЛЮБВИ Муслиму Магомаеву /RUSSIAN/      70.(a,b,c)F#m

71. Love of VISHWA NIRMALA DHARMA /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN-SANSKRIT/    71.AD    71.BbEb    71.CF    71.DG    71.EbAb    71.EA             71.CF-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

72. My Deity Shri Nirmala Devi /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    72.Gm    72.Am    72.Bm    72.Cm      72.Am-Video

73. New Step Evolution from God /ENGLISH/    73.A    73.Bb    73.C    73.Db    73.D    73.Eb             73.C-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

74. Songs of Our Grateful Hearts /ENGLISH/    74.Dm    74.Em    74.Fm    74.Gm              74.Em-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

75. The Beauty of Your Smile /ENGLISH/    75.Dm    75.Em    75.Fm    75.Gm              75.Fm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)     

76. Thank You Nirmala Devi /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    76.Dm    76.Em    76.Fm    76.Gm               76.Em-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

77. CANZONE TO GOD AND TO YOU /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     77.Em      77.Em-Video       

78. From God Nirmala Breeze of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    78.Bbm      78.Cm      78.Dm        78.Cm-Video                    

79. Love of God Breeze Vibrations /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    79.Am    79.Bm    79.Cm    79.Dm               79.Cm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

80.1. The Holy Truth of Love of Devi Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/  (for 1 soloist)    80.1.F    80.1.G    80.1.A    80.1.Bb    80.1.C            80.1.F-Video  

80.2. The Holy Truth of Love of Devi Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/  (for 2-4 soloists)    80.2.Bb-Gb-G-Bb     80.2.C-Ab-A-C             80.2.C-Ab-A-C-Video

80.3. The Holy Truth of Love of Devi Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/  (for chorus)    80.3.Bb-chorus     80.3.C-chorus              80.3.Bb-chorus-Video

81. Your Love Shri Devi Eternally /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    81.Dm    81.Em    81.Fm      81.Dm-Video

82. IN MEDITATION /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    82.Em    82.Fm    82.Gm    82.Am            82.Gm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

83. Surrender to God by Nirmala Name of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    83.Cm     83.Dm              83.Cm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)

84. Shri Nirmala Divine Breeze of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    84.Gm    84.Am    84.Bm             84.Gm-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute)  

85. How Can We Know You God /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    85.F#m    85.Gm    85.Am            85.F#m-VideoAudio (click to start and wait a minute) 

86. FROM GOD THE KEY /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    86.Cm    86.Dm      86.Cm-Video

87. YOUR NAME IS DEVI NIRMALA /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    87.Am       87.C#m        87.Am-Video          

88. Thank You  to Shri Nirmala /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    88.Bm      88.Cm      88.Dm        88.Bm-Video         

89. O Holy Time of Shri Nirmala Advent /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/      89 C         89 C-Video

90. Absolute Cool Breeze of Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/      90 Dm            90.Dm-Video

91. Salute Nirmala Devi /ENGLISH/    91.Am.        91.Am.-Video

92. Shri Nirmala is Password to Divine Internet /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN-SANSKRIT/     92.Cm    92.Dm      92.Dm-Video                 

93. Story Divine Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    93.Em    93.Fm    93.Gm        93.Fm-Video             

94. Nirmala Devi You Opened the Way to God /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/      94.Am      94.Cm        94.Am-Video         

95. Shri Nirmala Real Union with God gave Us /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/      95.Am         95.Cm        95.Am-Video

96. We have found the Way to God /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    96.Dm      96.Dm-Video

97. LOVE OF GOD IS ABSOLUTE  /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    97.Cm    97.Dm      97. Cm-Video      

98. Freedom from pressure Ego Superego /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN-SANSKRIT/    98.Am     98.Cm      98.Am-Video               

99. Divine Love Nirmal Love /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/     99.Gm      99.Gm-Video

100. ONENESS WITH GOD /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    100.Eb    100.F        100.Eb-Video     

101. Sahaja Yoga – Union with God’s Way /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    101.C      101.C-Video       

102. VISHWA NIRMALA DHARMA /ENGLISH/    102.Em      102.Em-Video

103. Nirmala Devi Key to Narrow Gate /ENGLISH-RUSSIAN/    103.Am    103.Cm      103.Am-Video


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